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The most important projects that have been done during recent years in Mouttagiaka are the offices of the Community Council of Mouttagiaka, placed in the centre of the village, the community playground, the creation of pavements in almost all of the settlements, the creation of parks for children and spaces with greenery, the reinforcement of the illumination of streets with more modern and economical bulbs, and the creation of a community cemetery. 

Primary School

With the help of the School Board, the Community Council, and the Parents Association, the Primary School of Mouttagiaka has been transformed to one of the most enviable schools of the Limassol district.  During the past seven years four new classrooms have been erected as well as an additional Computer Lab, a Technology room, fencing for the school premises, etc.  For the safe transportation of the pupils, a street has been made right in front of the school with parking space for the bus and protective cambers in the road to reduce the speed of the vehicles, pedestrian crossing and pavements. 

Public and Community Kindergarten

The Community Kindergarten has seen the past years its greatest development, making it an example to be followed by the other communities. The Community Council's contribution to the development of the kindergarten was substantial, with the promotion of the developmental program and the approval of governmental allocations.  The community council has fully undertaken the sanitary expenses of the Kindergarten so as to secure the health of the children in the best possible way.

Community Clinic 

It has been upgraded so as to offer its services to the public unhindered and in the best possible way.  Continuous efforts are being made so that the Governmental Doctor will be visiting the Clinic more often, resulting in better service for our elder inhabitants who are the ones mainly in need of medical attention.  

Parks and Spaces with Greenery. 

After a great deal of speculation, because of the drought and the measures to save water, trees have been planted and spaces with vegetation and greenery have been created in the community.  Drillings are to be performed for the irrigation of these spaces.  Along with these spaces of greenery, several entertainment parks have been created so that the children of the community can pleasantly spend their spare time.

Community Library.

After finishing off the community buildings, the Community Council has decided to create a community lending library.  The first collection of books has already begun, with the help of the Ministry of Education and Culture.  Very soon the library will begin operating, serving the inhabitants of Mouttagiaka that are book lovers.


Construction of this project begins very soon and it is predicted that it will be finished in 2002.  With its completion the cultural demonstrations in the community will now enter a new phase since the appropriate space will now exist for cultural events such as: Concerts, Theatrical and Dance performances, etc.  It will also be offered for weddings. 

Handcrafts and Small industries Zone. 

The plans and the necessary permissions have been completed and the Handcrafts and Small Industries Zone will very soon operate so as to serve the small industries of Mouttagiaka. 

Stock-farming Zone. 

The asphalt paving of the street that connects the community with the Stock-farming Zone has been approved.

Community Playground. 

A large playground has already been constructed, serving 2 soccer teams of our community.  Pretty soon modern locker rooms and restrooms with all the comforts are to be made, as well as other infrastructure projects.  In the 5th phase of the settlement, another smaller playground has been constructed so as to occupy the younger friends of soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Pavements and Main Street Illumination. 

The main street that connects our community with the Limassol-Nicosia highway will have pavement added and will be properly illuminated.  The 6th, 7th, and 8th phase of the settlements will also have pavements added.




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