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Historical Facts

A thoroughly Turkish-Cypriot village of the Limassol district. The village is not mentioned in any sources of the Mediaeval era; perhaps because it was established later on during the Ottoman era or perhaps because during the Mediaeval era -if it did exist -it had another name. 

From an early stage the Turkish-Cypriot inhabitants named the village Muttukaya which means cheerful rock. There is a probability that the name Muttagiaka was a corrupt version of the Turkish name of the village used by the Greeks. The opposite is also probable because -according to another interpretation -the name of the village was purely Greek, a compound made out of the words miti (= nose / edge, pronounced moutti in the Cypriot dialect) and agyia which means road. Thus, because of the position it is build upon, village at the nose (edge) of the road.

In the latter case, that is if we accept the name of the village to be Greek, then the village must be older than the Ottoman era during which it simply was turned to a Turkish one.




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