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After the mandatory settlement of the refugees in the village of Mouttagiaka, because of the Turkish invasion, a group of inhabitants were mobilised in 1983 for the creation of the Sports Union of Mouttagiaka (Athlitiki Enosi Mouttagiakas).  The Popular Organisations of Mouttagiaka make their presence intensely felt within the community through their activity in the Political, Sports, and Cultural sectors.  The highlight of their activities is their annual ball, organised every year in the summer during the month of August. 

The goal of the Union is to bring into action the youth in matters that relate to sports and also to other healthy activities.  The soccer department dates back to 1989 and is still preserved, taking part in the EPOL championship.  During recent years it has also founded a dancing department, providing to the youth the opportunity to occupy themselves with traditional as well as modern dances. 

An ambition of the Union is to set forth other departments e.g. Theatre, Ping-Pong, etc.

Mr Theodore Theodorou is the president of AEM.




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