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Present day inhabitants of Mouttagiaka, most of them being refugees from all of the areas of occupied Cyprus and while expecting the much desired day of return to their occupied villages, did not remain idle but -in their effort to offer the best to their children -have created the infrastructure for Community welfare, cultural development and sports. 

Two Sports and Cultural Clubs are operating today in the Mouttagiaka Community, AEM and Anorthosi, which participate in rural soccer leagues and provide to the youth the opportunity of getting involved with sports.

They have also created dancing clubs and every year they organise their annual balls.  Other organised groups in our community are the Parents Associations of the Regional Primary School and the Public Community Kindergarten, the 281st Scout System of Mouttagiaka, the Hunting Club, the Local Committee of Parents With Many Children, the association of Orthodox Women of the Parish, and the Council for Community Welfare of Mouttagiaka which consists all the organised groups of the community.




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