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Council for Community Welfare

With the initiative of the Community Council, the Council for Community Welfare of Mouttagiaka was formed in 1995, consisted out of all the organised groups of the community, and is functioning successfully under the presidency of the President of the Community Council Vasos Koumparos.  The result of this effort was the creation of a privately owned, multiple function centre which today houses three programs: the Children's Club, which engages children aged 2-15 and has a total of 25 children, the Infant's Station, which engages children aged one month to 2 years and has a total of 5 children, and the Nursery Station which engages children aged 2-5 and has a total of 17 children. The C.C.W. aims to help the children socialise through the love, affection, care, and entertainment offered by young, trained individuals, who have love and understanding for the work that they perform.  The weekly schedule includes free activities, lessons on subjects that relate to events of everyday life, gymnastics, group games, fairytales, puppet shows, singing, painting, handicraft activities, health habits, ways of behaviour, social education, serving each other, self-serving, and others.  Because of the parents' great interest, pretty soon the C.C.W. premises will expand and the C.C.W. aspires to expand its programs too.




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