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Mouttayiaka today

After the 1974 Turkish invasion the Turkish-Cypriot inhabitants of Muttagiaka, swept over by the wave of population exchange, abandoned their village and transferred -along with other Turkish-Cypriots from the non-occupied area -to the occupied area. The transfer occurred in 1975. After that, several Greek-Cypriot refugees coming from all of the occupied districts,settled in Muttagiaka; they numbered 283 in 1976 and 593 in 1982.

There are 10 Self-Help Housing Settlements in the surrounding area which house about 3000 refugees, and now an eleventh settlement is being created.
Regarding transportation today Muttagiaka connects on the South with the new Nicosia-Limassol highway and on the West with the Germasogia municipality. Due to the short distance from the city of Limassol the majority of the inhabitants is employed in personal/private enterprises. At the same time several of the inhabitants maintain within the community small industries, workshops, and some are occupied with stockbreeding and agriculture. As far as stockbreeding is concerned, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits and poultry are raised in the Pastoral zone of the village. A Handcrafts & Small Industries zone will also be created very soon so that the inhabitants will be able to move their workshops and small industries there.




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