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Parents Association

The Parents Association of the Primary School of Mouttagiaka has been operating for 27 years, the same number of years as the school itself.

The first inhabitants that joined the community, driven out of their villages by the Turkish invasion of 1974, were hoping that they would soon return to them.  However, time went by and they realised that the struggle for return would be hard and also long.  Under these circumstances the first association was created, and with the help of the state and the teachers they managed to operate the old Turkish school that consisted of two classes.  That occurred during the class of 1975-76. 

With the obligatory settlement of more refugees, the school begun to develop and grow, always with the voluntary help of the -now organised -parents.

Since its foundation and up until today, the Association has made its presence intensely felt in the community with the organisation of various events like: the planting of trees, book fairs, educational seminars for parents and the youth, but also events of recreational nature.

The Association is one of the first throughout the district that has been registered as a legal entity, according to the Parents Association Law.

The last three years the school has been turned into a regional Primary School and serves children from the neighbouring Armenohori.  As a consequence the Association was renamed as Parents Association of the Regional Primary School of Mouttagiaka.




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